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Modesto is the biggest city in Stanislaus County, California, United States. It is located in the Central Valley and has been recognized as a Tree City USA many times. Modesto is bounded by rich farmland and is known for its farm production. The County is prosperous because of its agricultural products such as milk, almonds, chickens, walnuts and corn silage.

Modesto though is a small agricultural town with the touch of a big city feel. It is the Gallo Center for the Arts and a lively downtown culture that make the place unique and beautiful. But different from most big cities, as you cannot see billboards on the streets of Modesto.

The region’s flourishing agricultural industry and lovely weather have influenced the landscaping all over the place. The residents of Modesto have great yard projects. Neighborhoods are lined up with tall old trees, and various parks offer peaceful settings for walks and jogs. Modesto is also surrounded by farmland that concentrates on feeding the state and the world with crops such as lettuce, grapes, almonds and dairy products.

The City of Modesto usually experiences a mild winter with some rain and just a few below-freezing nights. The Spring season is such a pleasant time in this place, while the Summer season is very hot and dry, making it a pleasure to be a Modesto resident.

Modesto has seven Sister Cities all over the world. The primary focus of the program is for business and government, as well as students and cultural exchanges. Modesto is creating international relationships with various countries such as France, Japan, China, India, Ukraine, Mexico and Canada.

Talking about the cost of living in Modesto, well it is far less than that of California’s seaside metro areas, although it is higher than the national average. Moreover Modesto residents are likely to spend more on everyday expenses like groceries, transportation and utilities. Workers getting a minimum wage find it difficult to meet basic needs without extra income.

The best way to explore Modesto, CA is through the Modesto Area Express or MAX. This is the primary city bus system having almost three dozen routes. Even if public transit is accessible, many residents use their vehicle to get around the city.

On the other hand the construction of a new Stanislaus Superior Courthouse in downtown Modesto can start early next year with the authorization of a California state budget that set aside finance for it. This would be a great development for Modesto.

The new Modesto courthouse is expected to rise approximately 300,000 square-foot building with 27 courtrooms. The local government has been preparing the funding for this new project. The building is going to be situated in a lot beside H Street, between the Ninth and 10th streets.

The new building is going to substitute scattered court amenities, which comprise the Modesto main courthouse on 11th and I streets, that are congested, lack safety features up to recent standards and hinder competence.

The project is still recorded in the architectural design-preliminary planning phase which is expected to augment next year.

At present the City of Modesto, in partnership with Stanislaus County is going to collect eyeglasses in all conditions for persons in need all throughout the world. They are partnering with some non-profit organizations who are going to repair the eyeglasses and allocate them to numerous charities and give the gift of better sight to a significant number of people.

This recycling project in Modesto is highly impressive. The city might not have all the wealth in the world, but the main priority of the town is to help the residents and people from other countries.